The brand name originally denotes two meanings. Derived from the old Latin language the name literally means ‘healthy choice’, which is one of the core values of the brand. OPTIO SANO strives towards a healthy society and is eager to make a helpful contribution with its comfortable fitness clothing.

The second meaning of the brand name can be found in the word ‘OPTIO’. At the time of the Roman empire the optio, short for optio centuriae, was the right-hand man of the most famous commander of the Roman army, the Centurion. He kept his soldiers together and performed as an example for the whole legion. With his discipline and solid shape this man embodies the values of OPTIO SANO.

At present, the modern optio conquers him- or herself. All over the world, people are working hard for a better and healthier body. Discipline, willpower and perseverance is what it takes for the modern optio to achieve his goals. OPTIO SANO identifies with this hardworking man and woman who are taking care of their bodies with hard work and healthy choices.

It isn’t just a product. Not just made of plain materials. And definitely not just something you put on. To us, at OPTIO SANO, clothing is a representation of your personality. It gives people a little preview to your inner strength. You become one with the design, the fit and the story.

Motivation and flexibility will run through your veins which ultimately leads to the achievement of your goals. It becomes part of you and together with your body it acts as a vessel that responds to the soul. It defines who you are.